6 reasons why you should practice Yoga 1

Yoga, a vast number of practices and spiritual techniques to unite the body, mind and spirit to accomplish a state of enlightenment with the universe.


Even if you are not an expert practicing yoga, simply by focusing on your own body and disconnecting from the world you can accomplish numerous healthy benefits. Below you will find the top reasons why yoga practice is ideal for everyone who wants to transform their life:

Increases awareness

You learn to listen what your body is telling you. While you are in a pose or “asana” you are present and listening to the feedback your body gives you. By slowing down and tune in to our body, we improve our sense of awareness of what our body can do.


Improves your flexibility and posture

Practicing yoga regularly, your muscles will stretch, tone and become stronger. Therefore, your body posture will improve and will help you relieve body pain caused by an incorrect posture.

Reduces stress

Yoga postures and meditation are very effective techniques to release stress. Yoga poses massage our organs and strengthens muscles; breathing correctly and meditating you will release stress and improve your immunity system.


Increases your energy

Practice yoga even for 10 minutes a day and you will see how your energy will increase even if you had a hectic day.

Acceptance and accomplish inner peace

You will learn to find a more peaceful steady balance even if you are surrounded by a challenging environment. Every time you practice a pose, it is challenging when you feel that you can barely do it, keeping your state of mind peaceful and breathing steady. The same principles apply to our daily life; you will train yourself to maintain a steady state of mind, steady breath and you will find inner peace.


Reduces the risk of anxiety and depression

Yoga has been proven to be effective to reduce long-term mood disorders. Some effects may show immediately after you finish your class.

Practicing yoga will lead your life to greater self-love and self-acceptance in every area of our lives. But remember, that is a continuous process so you have to keep practicing even when you are on vacations!

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  • Heather Lindstrom

    My husband and I enjoyed the morning yoga class on the beach during our recent visit to Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica. We found yoga to be the perfect way to get our day started off on the right foot. Excellent post!
    Heather @ Style*Mind*Chic Life
    Blogger/Travel Advisor and Happy UVC member since 2012