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    Life and Death Festival at Xcaret

    August 23rd, 2017

    Magna Cultural Expression of Yucatán in the 12thFestival de Vida y Muerte en Xcaret

    Xcaret’s Vice President, Carlos Constandse, said that this event has become an emblem for the community of Quintana Roo and a fundamental point of reference for the new generations, who participated in the presentation of the 12th Festival of Traditions of Life and Death of Xcaret. Are growing very identified with the most genuine customs and traditions of our country.

    The businessman said that in recent years Cancún and Playa del Carmen have grown dramatically, as part of the dynamics of tourism, which involves important challenges for all, not only the authorities. Faced with this, he said, Experiences Xcaret bet on strengthening regional identity through events that recover cultural heritage, such as the Travesia Sagrada Maya and the Festival of Life and Death, which have been a resounding success.

    Xcaret Vice President, Carlos Constandse, said that this organization contributes with 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives established by UNESCO and that they will continue to promote regional development through corporate social responsibility.

    El Baile de los Pixanes

    During the presentation of  the festival’s activities, the event’s director, Leticia Aguerrebere Salido, informed that the complete schedule can already be consulted on the website and added that the Yucatán state will be the special guest. Yukalpetén Typical Orchestra; The Folkloric Ballet of the State and the Orchestra Jaranera del Mayab; The Yucatecan regional theater with “Salma and the Hua Huay Pek”; The company Scenic Magic with “Wuay me espanto el Tucho“; Las charlas de Donia Way, with “Te busco, te busco y no te busco, linda hermosa“; As well as the Trovanova “Voices and Guitars of Life and Death to Yucatan”, by David Solís;  “Vaquería de las Animas” with the folkloric ballet of Lol-bé de Chocholá; And the work “Así se baila en mi tierra” with the jarana workshop.

    Aleks Syntek, the renowned Yucatecan singer, composer and producer, with more than 25 years of musical career, will be in charge of two masterful concerts at the Gran Tlachco Theater in Xcaret, on November 1st and 2nd, under the title of “Romántico Desliz“.

    The festival will be based in Xcaret Park from October 30 to November 2; With subsides in the Theater of the City and the Sayab Planetarium, Playa del Carmen, from November 3 to 5.

    In theater they emphasize works like “No te asuste mi nombre“, with the puppets of Maria Parrato; “Barlovento“, directed by Alan Darling; Romeo and Juliet, comedy theater in charge of the company Puro Teatro de Argentina; La Obra de Bottom“, in charge of Brujas Producciones and La Piara;Fiesta de Todos los Santos” monologue by Erik de Luna; La Leyenda del ánima y su vela“, of Apolonio Mondragón; As well as “El Maquillista de la Muerte“, by Marta de Juana.


    Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte 2017

    The children’s workshop will offer activities such as “Decora tu melcocha“; “Danza con los pixanitos“; “El arpa y su ánima; El mundo animal Maya “; “Rutilia y su mején”; “Cerámica prehispánica” and “Los mascarones de Chac“, the latter dedicated especially to the archaeological zone of Uxmal.

    In the presentation of the program were present Elizabeth Lugo, Director of Operations of Experiencias Xcaret; Beatriz Peralta, Director of the Cultural House of Yucatan; as well as Víctor Urías, in representation of the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán, among other personalities.


    Donia Way
    Donia Way

    You can also consult the information of previous Festivals in our archives:

    Get up close and personal with the Festival of Traditions of Life and Death during a trip with Unlimited Vacation Club in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, in late October; Visit Xcaret Park and enjoy this Mayan celebration dedicated to the memory of those who are no longer there.

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    Triathlon Xelha 2016

    July 26th, 2016

    For the third year in a row,  la Maravilla Natural Xel-Há  has been chosen to host the “Campeonato Nacional de Triatlón 2016″(National Triathlon Championship), by the Mexican Federation (FMTRI). November 19 & 20 will receive the best triathletes from Mexico, in all the categories, from amateurs to professionals.

    As of August 10 may register their participation who are part of the special places, the first three places in each category in the 2015 Triathlon Xel-Ha; the first three places in the 2015 Triathlon National Circuit; and 2016 National Tour competitors who have qualified to the 2016 World Triathlon in Cozumel.

    Triatlon XelHa - Unlimited Vacation Club

    The general public and people interested in participain the category “Only Rookies” may registefrom August 23 and up toSeptember 20.

    This edition, is available for 900 athletes on the Olimpyc version, on November 19, and for 900 athletes for the Sprint, childrens and Only Rookies (only for women) on November 20.

    In the presentation of the call were present as members of the Organizing Committee, Elizabeth Lugo Monjarrás, Directora de Operaciones de Experiencias Xcaret; Nelly Becerra, Coordinadora Deportiva del Triatlón Xel-Há; así como Emma Dietz, Gerente Operativa de parque Xel-Há.

    For more information, visit:

    UnlimitedVacationClub - Triatlon Xelha 2016


    Xel-Há, a unique natural marvel where the sea water and underground rivers, mix to create impressive spots and wild life, the best place to practice snorkeling. A place where fun is no limits. Discover incredible jungle trails, rest areas, wonderful views, natural attractions and world-class restaurants.

    Don’t forget, if you have an Unlimited Vaction Club getaway to Riviera Maya, you can enjoyas spectator of a National Triathlon… and if you are an Unlimited Vacation Club member participating on the triathlon, book your getaway on any of the resorts near XelHa.

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    Get ready to run in paradise at the Curaçao Marathon!

    November 18th, 2015


    Marathon runners never need an excuse to go out and train, to follow a strict diet, or to make one last effort; This is why many athletes are already preparing to participate in the 2nd KLM Curaçao Marathon, which will take place on Sunday, November 29, 2015.

    Participants can choose from a variety of distances: 5 km, 10 km walking or running, half marathon or full marathon, or a distance of 10.5 or 16.65 km, the important thing is to participate, have fun and encourage more and more people to follow a healthy lifestyle.

    The Marathon and half Marathon will take you along the waterfront of Curaçao, across the “swinging old lady”, the famous Queen Emma pontoon bridge and even over one of the highest bridges in the world, the Juliana Bridge, at 185 feet above sea level!

    On the evening before the event, the Traditional Pasta Party will take place with Master Chef and marathon runner, Pascal JalHay. The end of the marathon will be followed by a closing celebration on one of the most popular beaches on the island, which promises to be a tropical festival with performances from local bands and artists.

    Use your Unlimited Vacation Club and book a last minute getaway to Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino. Enjoy the tropical climate of the island and join the marathon or simply support those participating!

    Check out how much fun was had at last year’s KLM Curaçao Marathon in the video below:

    For further information on how to participate in the marathon, visit the official website here:

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    It’s time to get out of your routine!

    October 5th, 2015

    It’s always fun to do something new and different, but we almost always fall into the same weekend routine of the same activities, the same restaurants … it’s time to change!


    In Unlimited Vacation Club we’ve made a list of ideas, that you’ve probably thought of or even tried before, but there is always something and different what we can do to break free from our day to day routine.. and who knows, you might even find a new hobby!

    1. Visit a new restaurant, preferably with ethnic or exotic food, something completely different than your usual choice!
    2. Print a few digital pictures, the kind of photos that you take every day but never find their way off of your phone
    3. Learn 10 phrases in another language, why not try German, Japanese or even Portuguese?
    4. Treat yourself to a massage at the Spa
    5. Listen to a new kind of music, why not attend a live concert?
    6. Write and send a letter by mail; hand write the latter, go to the post office and send the letter just like everyone used to do!
    7. Change the way you go to work, leave your car and ride a bike, public transport or share a ride with friends and neighbors.
    8. Make a temporary change of appearance, women could use a bright lipstick, and men could let their mustache grow for a couple of days
    9. Try a new recipe, the kind that you save and never do on Pinterest
    10. Go for a picnic, with hand packed food and drink, at your nearest park
    11. Re-read that book you loved during your student days
    12. Go for a bike ride on a summer night
    13. Visit, meet and get lost in the streets of a city area (or any nearby city) where you’ve never been
    14. Attend a local event for the community
    15. Be a tourist in your own city, visit tourist attractions, get lost in a museum, attend a tour … DO NOT FORGET THE CAMERA AND MAP
    16. Volunteer at a hospital
    17. Plant herbs in an outside space or in pots, and start your own herb garden.
    18. Learn to ride a motorcycle
    19. Take a dance class, tango, salsa, merengue … The list is endless
    20. Make a list of new and different things you could do to get out of your day-to-day routine

    Those are our proposals, we want to know if you have any other ideas to share with us.

    Man jumping off cliff into the ocean. Summer fun lifestyle.



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    Find out why you should NOT visit Mexico in September!

    September 9th, 2015

    September is the month that many Mexicans eagerly await in order to celebrate their patriotism to Mexico, houses are decorated with flags and commemorative ornaments in red, white and green and traditional Mexican dishes start to be served. September is the month that you can truly feel the heart and soul of Mexico, the pride of the people in a country so large, so beautiful and so diverse.

    There are a ton of reasons NOT to visit Mexico during its most cultural and patriotic month.. These are the most convincing points:

    1. You REALLY don’t like the colors Red, White & Green

    15 Sept props


    Throughout September, you’ll find street vendors on every corner selling a wide variety of traditional items, such as flags, whistles, noisemakers and even costumes all made in the Mexico’s traditional colors.

     2. You dislike fireworks and bell ringing

    © MEX100. EFE/Mario Guzmán

    The real celebration begins on the 15th of September at 11pm. It’s the point at which the President of Mexico appears on the balcony of the National Palace. The traditional shout of ‘VIVA MEXICO’ is synonymously shouted by the thousands of people that gather in the main square of Mexico City below the National Palace. The traditional bell is rung and followed by an impressive display of colorful fireworks. This celebration is replicated in almost every city throughout Mexico at the same time!

    3. You prefer bland, unseasoned food. 

    One of the most prepared dishes during the month of September is Chiles en NogadaA dish rich, not only in flavor but also tradition. It’s a delicious combination of peppers, beef, walnuts and a creamy sauce! DELICIOUS! It is normally accompanied by large shot glasses of Tequila and lime to help with digestion!

    4. You don’t like saving money! 


    September is the month of the year when everything goes back to normal after the summer. The kids have returned to school and the vacation period is well and truly over for most people, making it one of the best times in the year to save money on flights and accommodation!

     5. You prefer crowds!

    Photo credit: Gerald Lau / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
    Photo credit: Gerald Lau / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    September is a much calmer time of the year compared to the summer vacation period. Leaving you to comfortably enjoy the beaches or take a stroll down the main streets without the summer crowds!

    If you plan to ignore all of our warnings and still visit Mexico in September, take advantage of the great rates and offers we have available exclusively to our Unlimited Vacation Club.

    Book your next Mexican Escape HERE or by calling 1-877-923-2582 from the US and Canada.

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    Zoëtry Resorts: The ultimate Art of Life® experience

    August 13th, 2015

    The Greek word “Zoë” meaning “life” and “poetry” meaning “artful creation,” inspired the name of the ultra-luxurious Zoëtry Wellness & Spa resorts.

    Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts represent the highest level of luxury and offer Unlimited Vacation Club members an entirely new kind of vacation experience, where the definition of wellness goes far beyond good health and nutrition.


    Not only does your Zoëtry vacation include spacious, elegant accommodations, healthy gourmet cuisine and the many other benefits of Endless Privileges®, Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts provide these and other luxurious indulgences without the guilt, by offering unique cultural, artistic and educational enrichment opportunities. Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts also demonstrate respect for the environment through their commitment to extensive recycling practices and energy saving technologies

    Endless Privileges® include No check-in or check-put time, maid service three times daily, complimentary 24-hour laundry service, unlimited worldwide calling, 24-hour private in-suite dining, daily gourmet dining options and unlimited complimentary cocktails.


    Coming Soon: Zoëtry Isla di Oro Aruba Wellness & Spa Resort

    Dazzling style, romance, adventure, personal enrichment. Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts — The Art of Life.®


    Find out all the services available to Unlimited Vacation Club members visiting any of the three Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts:


    * Some activities may vary, may incur additional costs, restrictions may apply and may only be available as 
    external excursions.


    Which of these luxurious boutique Zoëtry resorts will you choose for your next Unlimited Vacation Club getaway?

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    Get Social With Us: YouTube

    July 2nd, 2015



    Do you want to know the secrets of Unlimited Vacation Club? What our members think of their membership? How to enjoy the member benefits? 

    Be the first to know the latest news, newest resorts, member testimonials and more on our YouTube channel. Check out our videos to learn vital information as to how to use your membership to its full advantage.

    Do you know how you can enjoy the day on a private yacht? Have you ever received a surprise gift just for commenting on a facebook post? Do you know why our members stopped vacationing on cruise ships and starting visiting Dreams Sands Cancun? Find out the answers to all these questions in our exclusive youtube videos!

    You can also find the official videos for our resorts as well as a variety of other videos all related to the value and benefits that only come from being Unlimited Vacation Club members! Now’s the time to check it out, sign up and make sure that you never miss out on our newest videos; and who knows, maybe the next time you visit one of our resorts you’ll be the star of your very own Unlimited Vacation Club member video!


    Get Social With Us on all our sites and learn how you can make the most of your Unlimited Vacation Club membership!
    Unlimited Vacation Club UVC Social Media Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtube Vine

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    Get Social With Us: Twitter

    June 15th, 2015

    Unlimited Vacation Club Twitter header blog

    Want to stay up to date on breaking news and all the latest developments related to the UVC membership?

    Share your vacation experience with us on twitter by sharing your photos using the hashtag #UnlimitedVacationClub. We love to see all your photos and our favorites will be featured on upcoming blog posts and for a lucky few the photos will even be published in out monthly email newsletter. If you ever have any questions regarding the membership or any of the destinations and resorts we offer you can reach out to us at any time on twitter using the handle @UnlimitedVC and we are always more than happy to assist you in any way possible! Share with us the experience of your holiday in Twitter uploading photos of the hotel you are staying and label with #UnlimitedVacationClub. We will be publishing the best pictures we receive and some of our partners will have the luck of appearing some of his photos on the blog, and some also in our Newsletter every month. In addition, we are always on the lookout for any question you may have, and we are more than willing to help you contact the right person to make your holiday go better than planned.

    So what are you waiting for?…. Get Social With Us on Twitter!


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    Celebrate Easter with Unlimited Vacation Club

    March 16th, 2015

    According to the legend, the “Easter Bunny” is responsible for bringing baskets filled with colored eggs and chocolates to children throughout the land to represent the fertility of the earth with the arrival of spring and the passing of the winter season.

    As with all special events, AMResort properties celebrate Easter in a spectacular way! Staff and guests anxiously await to see the creative activities and events that take place throughout the day. Whether you choose one of our family hotels like Dreams, Now and Sunscape, an adults only hotel like Secrets or Breathless or the very sophisticated Zoëtry you can be sure that the fabulous entertainment team will put on an event that will both entertain and amaze!

    In our family orientated resorts, the Explorers Kid’s Club ensures that Easter activities take pride of place and younger guests can expect to enjoy fun activities such as egg painting and bunny decorating! The best part of the day is the Easter egg hunt throughout the hotel where the whole family can participate! The adults only properties have their own fun and games planned which involve bunny outfits and champagne toasts!

    Without a doubt the pièce de résistance of Easter Sunday is the arrival of the Easter Bunny! Each year, in each resort, the bunny arrives in a fabulous new way. In past years, we’ve seen the bunny arrive in a speedboat, horse riding and even sky diving!

    How will he arrive this year? You’ll just have to wait and see! One thing is for sure, we can’t wait as it is sure to be better than ever!

    There’s still time to book your Unlimited Vacation Club easter getaway and experience the arrival of the Easter Bunny for yourself! Why not take advantage of one of our fabulous promotions? You can see all our available offers here.

    Don’t believe how fantastic this event really is? See for yourself in the photos below from our previous Easter celebrations:

    UVC easter bunny jetski UVC easter bunny explorers UVC easter bunny champagne UVC easter bunny unicorn


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    We have something to say…

    December 31st, 2014

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