CENOTES, water prints and light of the jungle

Embrace yourself in an adventure you will never forget. Spend your day at the Cenotes and explore these majestic and ancient sinkholes with clear blue waters.

The Yucatan Peninsula is known of having hundreds of cenotes and underwater rivers, due to its limestone soil surrounded by salted waters from the Golf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, making the best environment to allow the formation of this caverns highly permeable.
It is known, that Mayan civilizations were situated around them. Legend says that these huge sinkholes were very meaningful to the Mayans because they provided fresh and drinkable water, they are places filled with a magical environment and it is speculated that they considered them as the fearful underworld entrance.


Today, according to geologists we can classify all cenotes by their age and form:

Old Cenotes

This cenotes are considered the youngest ones for being completely open. They even look as lakes with long walls in the middle of the jungle. You can find a lot of vegetation all around and even small islands in the middle.




Open Cenotes

They are perfect for outdoor water activities, such as swimming, kayaking or simply laying down under the sun. Their high walls create a fascinating landscape filled with vegetation and wild animals.




Semi-Open Cenotes

These cenotes have the contrast between two worlds. One part it open and the other one is beneath the surface where in most occasions you can see impressive rock formations as well as fascinating underwater gardens with algae and many different kinds of fish; they are ideal for snorkeling.



Cavern Cenotes

As the name states, this sinkholes are underground except a small opening on the top. To reach them, it is necessary travel through a cave and descend various hidden routes until you arrive to a place filled with turquoise water that illuminates all over a ceiling with stalactites. Here is where the mysticism begins saying that this is the entrance to the underworld. Sometimes there are small holes allows the natural light to filter through and creating a spectacular scenery.




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Delve into this amazing, unique and refreshing experience inside the depths of the Earth. Where you will feel a great sense of relieve and appreciation of this nature wonders!

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