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Surround yourself by crystal-clear waters and golden sand at Santa Maria Huatulco!Enjoy sunny days and captivate yourself by the local costumes and culture!


Huatulco is located at the east shore of Oaxaca state, exactly 227 km from the capital. Next to the Sierra Madre South, relax on the 9 bays and 36 beaches that will bring you a unique and special touch during your escapade.


What currency is used?

The mexican peso, but they do accept american dollars.


In which time zone is Huatulco located?

In UTC-6. However, during the summer they change the time to UTC-5.


What is the Voltage?

The common volt is 110. The frequency used is 60 Hz and the plug type is A/B.

 What is the language?



How is the weather?

The climate is semi-humid. The average temperature is between 18°C and 39°C. Most of the year, you can enjoy a nice weather considering that it only rains approximately 40 days a year.


How to get there?

You can arrive directly to the Bahias de Huatulco International Airport located only 19 km from the Hotel Zone. 


What are the typical dishes?

In Huatulco, you can find a gastronomic fusion with prehispanic elements and ingredients from the old world. It is known for its great variety of dishes with strong flavors such as the traditional Oaxacan Mole. This sauce is based on different type of chilies and spices, you can add it to different kinds of meat and vegetables; a true delight for your palate. Be adventurous and try the exotic chapulines – dried grasshoppers, iguana meat, the traditional, and cream bread. And you cannot miss drinking a delicious mezcal. 


What activities can you do?

You can find the best activities during your stay ath the famous bays in Huatulco. The most popular are: rafting tour at the Copalitilla Magic Falls, bicycle tours, rappelling, horse trail rides or visiting the Maya Santa Cruz Temazcal. You cannot miss visiting all 9 bays: Conejos, Tangolunda y Chahué, and Santa Cruz, Maguey, Órgano, Cacaluta, Chachacual, and San Agustín the last 6 you can only get there by boat. Visit all 9, you wont regret it!

If you want to go further and visit the whole Oaxaca state, we recommend visiting Puerto Escondido, known to be one of the best beaches for surfing, diving and fishing. Located only 109 km from Huatulco. 



Lets talk about souvenirs…

For the regional handcraft lovers looking for authentic products, we are sure you can find beautiful blouses and typical Oaxacan dresses or black clay artifacts at the La Crucetita marquet. Just in front, you can see Huatulco Market, a picturesque mall with local traders who will sell you more handcrafts, silver and authentic ingredients for Oaxacan dishes.


Where can you stay?

If you are planing to fly down to Huatulco, we offer to AMResorts hotels to choose from:



Decide today and visit Huatulco! Walk through golden beaches, admire the mountains from the bay and pamper yourself with the Mexican hospitality wher “my home is your home”

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