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Jamaica is a fantastic Caribbean island where you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation surrounded by friendly hosts, incredible music rhythms and bright colors. Get ready for a vacation filled with cultural visits, activities full of adrenaline and exotic adventures. In addition, it is very important to say that Jamaica is the home of reggae music, and the everlasting musician Bob Marley.

Jamaican slogan: Out of many, one people. 

What currency is used?

The currency used in Jamaica is: Jamaican Dollars – JMD.


What is the Voltage?

The common volt is 110 Volts. The frequency used is 50 Hz and the plug type is A/B.


What is the main language?

In Jamaica the main language is English, however, most of the people speak Creole or Jamaican Patois. 

What is the weather?

Jamaica has a tropical humid climate and mostly sunny. The annual temperature varies between the 27°C y 32°C. The rainy season is during the months of April, May, October and November.


What to wear?

We recommend wearing light clothing during the day; do not forget to put on sunblock and eco-friendly repellent. During the evening, you can wear a light jacket.


How to get there?

The main airports are the Norman Manley International Airport and Sangster International Airport at Montego Bay (MBJ), which is only 5 km from the tourist area.


What is the typical food?

The Jamaican typical food is very rich and varied, mainly from the fusion of different ethnic groups and different cultures that have been in Jamaica throughout history. You must taste the jerk chicken, based on a condiment mixture with pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg. If you want to try a traditional breakfast, enjoy ackee and salted fish: cod combined with onions and peppers, an exquisite combination. Patties are an excellent side dish. These pasties are available in most touristic places. Mainly are filled with meat but you can also find with different ingredients such as lobster, chicken or even vegetarian ingredients. Finally, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious rum cake for dessert.

What can you do?

An excellent cultural activity that you can do is visiting the Sam Sharpe Memorial, the main plaza of Montego Bay. In the center, you will find a beautiful fountain and a statue remembering Sam Sharpe, a Jamaican preacher who was the leader of the slave rebellion. Another option is to visit the Rose Hall Mansion, which is also called the Calendar House, for having 365 windows, 52 doors and 12 bedrooms. .

A great place for every age is the Rocklands Birds Sactuary. Here you will find exotic birds and amazing vegetation

If you want to spend the day under the sun, you must visit Doctor’s Cave beach, with white sand and tranquil waters. Plus, it is near from Gloucester Avenue, a street filled with art galleries, coffee places, and souvenir stores.

Finally, if you are craving for an adventure you must go to Zipline Adventure Tours. Visitors can admire fantastic views while they travel by long zip-lines.

Where can you stay?

Surely, you are already thinking to visit Jamaica. If you do not know where to stay, we have the answer. Choose from 5 different resorts from AMResorts.


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