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Today, Panama is known to most travelers around the world. It is a country surrounded by both oceans, it has very rich fauna and flora which you cannot appreciate in most parts of the world and let’s not forget the famous Panama Canal also known as Las Americas Bridge, a great attraction for both locals and tourists. Below you can find what you can do in this outstanding country.

What currency is used?

The currency used in Panama is the American Dollar. However, Panama has their own official currency called balboa, it has the same value as American Dollar. In 2011, $1 balboa coins started circulating.


What is the Voltage?

The common volt is 120 Volts. The frequency used is 60 Hz and the plug type is A/B.


What is the weather?

Having a tropical weather, tourists can enjoy sunny days most of the year. The average temperature is 84°F. The dry season is between December and May and the rainy season is considered for the rest of the months.


What to wear?

Due to the hot weather, we recommend to wear summer clothing, a hat and sunglasses. If you want to do a lot of hiking through the jungle don’t forget to pack long pants and a good eco-friendly sunblock. For the temperate zones as the Chiriqui Province, a light jacket is more than enough.



If you want to cover from the sunrays, we recommend buying the traditional Panama hat, a handmade toquilla straw hat. Curiously, this hat is originally from Ecuador, however, when the Panama Canal was constructed, millions of hats were imported for all the workers. It became popular when Theodore Roosevelt wore the hat during his visit to the canal.


How to get there?

Tocumen is the main airport, located only miles from Panama City. For domestic flights, travelers can use the Air Panama airline at the Albrook airport only 15 minutes away from Panama City.

What is the typical food?

In Panama, you will find a grand gastronomic variety. For example, one of the main dishes is called sancocho, a soup based on chicken. If you consider yourself as an adventurous, you most try the dish known as Saus¸ pig meat in pickled sauce.

As a main course gaucho is an excellent option, it is a mix between rice, beans with seafood or meat. Also, if you love seafood you must taste the Panama Ceviche for its delicious sweet and acid flavor accompanied by a cold Panama Beer. Another option is to try the traditional beverage chicheme, made with milk, corn, and sugar.

What can you do?

If you love nature, you most hike in the different natural sceneries such as at the Metropolitan National Park. Another option is to slide in the zip line and admire the spectacular views; you can find this activity at River Piedra, Boquete, and Anton Valley.

Another option is to walk around in the old quarters of Panama City. A great place to try the traditional dishes and surround yourself by an ambience full of music, entertainment and culture.

The Panama Canal¸ is a must during your trip. Located at the east of Miraflores where locals and tourists can watch how it operates. From big balconies, you can see how the compartments opens and closes so the ships can continue their crossing.

Lastly, if you love the sea, you can visit the different islands such as Coiba island, San Blas islands and Portobelo bay.


Where can you stay?

An excellent choice is Delight Playa Bonita Panamá, part of AMResorts opened in 2016.

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