Dive into the Big Blue Sea

Scuba dive into the sea during your vacations.


Do you want to explore the depths of the sea and get to know the sea life with a different perspective? Do not miss the opportunity to live the experience during your Unlimited Vacation Club getaway and explore the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific or even the underworld inside the cenotes. 

 Do you not know how to scuba dive? 

Do not worry; in AMResorts we have professional PADI instructors. They will help you certificate in just one day. You will learn to get a general vision about diving with compress air, you will practice with all your diving gear in a pool and finally accompanied by the instructor you will explore the underwater world.



What will you sea while you scuba dive? 

You may find various marine species depending on which tour you choose:

You can watch different shark species, sea turtles, rays, morays, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish, starfish, snails, and so much more.





You may also see different tropical fish like:


Remember not to touch them chase them or take pictures with flash.


Normally, you may scuba dive around coral reefs. Coral reefs are the most complex ecosystems of the earth. It is known that almost 25% of the sea life live in it. Hundreds of tiny inverted animals called polyps form coral reefs. Each one has a stomach and a mouth. They are animals, not plants or stones! Most of coral reefs are found in shallow waters because they need sunlight to survive.

Some of the coral reefs you may encounter while you dive are:


Do you want to help protect the sea life and the coral reefs?


Do not bother or touch the marine life.

Do not buy any souvenir that contains marine life.

Do not feed any sea creature.

Remember to keep floating in a neutral way even when you take pictures (without flash)

Focus on your movements while you are diving so you do not stir the bottom or hurt the coral reefs.


Remember, you are a guest of the underwater world, take care of this fragile and fabulous home!


Are you ready to dive into this adventure? Choose the Amstar scuba diving tour of your liking and enjoy it during your vacations.


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