11th “Festival de Vida y Muerte” at Xcaret Park

The 11th edition of the “Festival de Vida y Muerte” (Live and Death Traditions Festival, will be held from October 30th to November 2nd at the Riviera Maya, having as its guest of honor the state of Puebla; this was informed by the General Director, Leticia Aguerrebere Salido, who presented the official activities of this celebration.

Puebla will assist with their Atlixcáyotl party, a festival of music and dance from Atlixco and different state regions which are held on the last Sunday of September at San Miguel hill, where you can find the Netotiloyan, a millennial ceremonial center which in náhuatl means “hill dance”.

 Also, the famous Atlixco’s chinas and charros and the Dances of the Negritos of Zacatlán will attend, as well as, the traditional altars, gastronomic exhibitions, dances, music and art crafts from Huaquechula, Tochimilco, Izúcar de Matamoros, Cuetzalan, Chignahuapan, San Andrés Cholula, Hueyapan, Tlatlauquitepec, Pahuatlán, and Huauchinango. Likewise, a monumental altar from the city of Puebla will be on display, designed by the teacher Rodolfo Villena Hernández, creditor of the first place national of the “Popular Art Grand Award”.

During the Festival, you will find the singer Lila Downs, who will present her concert “Balas y Chocolate”, based on a new discographic material in which she sings to a better future for everyone.

In addition, Don Ignacio Lopez Tarso will act the play “Entre Tumbas, Vivos y Muertos” with the Company of the “Los de Garcia”, a group of north musicians directed by the teacher Manuel Cervantes having as the lead singer Sofía Montaño.


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Besides the participation of the traditional cuisine, the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo will be presenting their rituals, ceremonies, community theater, regional dances and representative music to honor the faithful departed.

The kids and teenagers can enjoy the children and young adults’ ward “Ángeles, querubines y coronas”, that through different workshops and fun dynamics, they will get to know the prevailing costumes around the Day of the Death, particularly during Mexico’s colonial era.

Finally, as a contribution of the Festival to the Playa del Carmen community, from November 3rd to the 6th, theater performances and folkloric dances will be presented at the City Theater at 8:00 pm like “Cabaret mortal, espectáculo sin fin…”, “Salma y el Pixán de Cauh”,  “La leyenda de Nicte Há”, and “México color lila”.

For more details of the Festival please visit the following webpage:


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