Life and Death Festival at Xcaret

Magna Cultural Expression of Yucatán in the 12thFestival de Vida y Muerte en Xcaret

Xcaret’s Vice President, Carlos Constandse, said that this event has become an emblem for the community of Quintana Roo and a fundamental point of reference for the new generations, who participated in the presentation of the 12th Festival of Traditions of Life and Death of Xcaret. Are growing very identified with the most genuine customs and traditions of our country.

The businessman said that in recent years Cancún and Playa del Carmen have grown dramatically, as part of the dynamics of tourism, which involves important challenges for all, not only the authorities. Faced with this, he said, Experiences Xcaret bet on strengthening regional identity through events that recover cultural heritage, such as the Travesia Sagrada Maya and the Festival of Life and Death, which have been a resounding success.

Xcaret Vice President, Carlos Constandse, said that this organization contributes with 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives established by UNESCO and that they will continue to promote regional development through corporate social responsibility.

El Baile de los Pixanes

During the presentation of  the festival’s activities, the event’s director, Leticia Aguerrebere Salido, informed that the complete schedule can already be consulted on the website and added that the Yucatán state will be the special guest. Yukalpetén Typical Orchestra; The Folkloric Ballet of the State and the Orchestra Jaranera del Mayab; The Yucatecan regional theater with “Salma and the Hua Huay Pek”; The company Scenic Magic with “Wuay me espanto el Tucho“; Las charlas de Donia Way, with “Te busco, te busco y no te busco, linda hermosa“; As well as the Trovanova “Voices and Guitars of Life and Death to Yucatan”, by David Solís;  “Vaquería de las Animas” with the folkloric ballet of Lol-bé de Chocholá; And the work “Así se baila en mi tierra” with the jarana workshop.

Aleks Syntek, the renowned Yucatecan singer, composer and producer, with more than 25 years of musical career, will be in charge of two masterful concerts at the Gran Tlachco Theater in Xcaret, on November 1st and 2nd, under the title of “Romántico Desliz“.

The festival will be based in Xcaret Park from October 30 to November 2; With subsides in the Theater of the City and the Sayab Planetarium, Playa del Carmen, from November 3 to 5.

In theater they emphasize works like “No te asuste mi nombre“, with the puppets of Maria Parrato; “Barlovento“, directed by Alan Darling; Romeo and Juliet, comedy theater in charge of the company Puro Teatro de Argentina; La Obra de Bottom“, in charge of Brujas Producciones and La Piara;Fiesta de Todos los Santos” monologue by Erik de Luna; La Leyenda del ánima y su vela“, of Apolonio Mondragón; As well as “El Maquillista de la Muerte“, by Marta de Juana.


Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte 2017

The children’s workshop will offer activities such as “Decora tu melcocha“; “Danza con los pixanitos“; “El arpa y su ánima; El mundo animal Maya “; “Rutilia y su mején”; “Cerámica prehispánica” and “Los mascarones de Chac“, the latter dedicated especially to the archaeological zone of Uxmal.

In the presentation of the program were present Elizabeth Lugo, Director of Operations of Experiencias Xcaret; Beatriz Peralta, Director of the Cultural House of Yucatan; as well as Víctor Urías, in representation of the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán, among other personalities.


Donia Way

Donia Way

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