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What is a Temazcal Ceremony? Let us start by mentioning where this unique tradition comes from.These warm temples were used by the Prehispanic cultures, the Mayan and the Aztecs, to purify and heal their mind, body, and soul.

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The word temazcal means a temple of warm stones. It represents the womb of Mother Earth, where individuals can return to her so she can help their health and their spirit.


Participate in this invigorating ancient ritual and experience a therapeutic healing based on ancient indigenous methods and performed by an experienced spiritual healer.


The ritual starts with a blessing from the Intercessor or healer. One by one has to enter the Temzacal structure and sit in a circle for the healing ceremony. The healer guides everyone through a spiritual ritual, involving herbal steams, aromas, sounds and different sensations.


At the end, it is advised to take a cold shower to regulate the body temperature, rehydrate, relax the muscles, and allow the body and mind process the whole experience.


What elements can you find in a temazcal structure?


It can have different forms depending on the customs every culture has; below is an example of what you can find in a typical temazcal:

The temazcal represents earth itself, the God that gives us and sustain life. When someone enters, it is said you are entering into Mother Earth’s womb. That is why it has a dome shape. Even, in some cases it is build inside the earth, forming a cave.

Outside, in some traditions, the sacred fire is located on the east; it represents the God of the Sun, whose energy will light up the volcanic stones, which later will bring heat to the temazcal.
Frequently, a circle of stones is placed with objects that represent the ancestors to acknowledge their spirit presence.

Inside of the temazcal, hot stones, and aromatic and curative plants are placed in the center. These plants are symbolic for their own individual properties such as helping the participants’ spirit to remember its origins, attract the beauty and tender they in their hearts, to appreciate and bless everything they have and to choose only those things they truly need in life.


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The purpose of this ritual is to achieve a rebirthing of the senses by balancing the participants’ awareness, wisdom, and will. As well, it has endless psychological and physiological benefits that will help relieve stress, regenerate cells and detoxify the body.


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