In Quintana Roo: Mexico’s oldest and the latest lighthouse

Last Saturday was held the opening ceremony of the latest attraction Faro Mirador – Lighthouse and Viewpoint – of Xel-Ha. This lighthouse is the most modern of Mexico

Faro Mirador Xel-Ha

México’s lighthouses

A long the Mexican Republic coastal line there are 135 operational lighthouses. Secretary of Communications and Transport in Mexico there are three types of lighthouses:

  1. Landfall light – situated on convenient ports or in highly important points of the coastlines or islands with abundant sea traffic.
  2. Intermediate light – they operate at specific points along the shore, they offer a complement to the landfall light, and offer aid to the sailor.
  3. Hazard Avoidance Light:  used to mark a specific hazard such as a shoal, reef, rocky point or dangerous island.

The oldest and the modernest

At the heart of the Riviera Maya, less than 10 kilometers away from each other, Quintana Roo has the oldest and the newest lighthouse of Mexico. Before the arrival of the Spanish to the Yucatan coasts there where already maritime markings such as the Tulum pyramids built in 1,200 a.c. The Mayans lighted fire on the top of the pyramids to guide sailors during the nights and during the day with the smoke.


The Mayans besides of being great mathematics, astronomers, they were also navigators experts. They established their trade and commerce based on two navigation systems: one on land and one in water, from Campeche’s coastline to Honduras and the other one completely at sea surrounding the Yucatan Peninsula to Panama.


Ceremonia de Corte Inagural Faro Mirador


The lighthouse and Viewpoint – Faro Mirador of Xel-Há  is the most modern in the Mexican Republic. Is the first that has a double function: helps as a visual reference for maritime navigation and as an tourist attraction that allows appreciating the landscape and entertainment. At the moment, its registration is in the process for its registration before the Port Captaincy of the Secretary of Navy of the Mexican Government:

It’s general characteristics are:

  • 43 meters of hight
  • Located next to the greenhouse of Xel-ha.
  • With 81 stone steps and 84 metal steps
  • With three platforms:
    • Slides platform – at 32.5 meters with four spiral slides ending in a sinkhole.
    • Viewpoint platform – at 36 meters with four spots for snapshots.
    • Lighthouse platform – at 38.74 meters (section designated for the park staff only)
  • Slides length:
  1. 247 mts
  2. 265 mts
  3. 218 mts
  4. 205 mts
  • The headlight of the lighthouse is comprised by a LED lamp of high intensity that can reach 37 km (20 nautical miles).

This is a unique place where you can admire of spectacular 360º degrees of nature scenery of the grand Mayan jungle and the Caribbean sea and descend in the most fun way, ending with a refreshing deep into the sinkhole.


Courtesy of Dr. Tonninho


The lighthouse and viewpoint of Xel-Há, a unique place where brings beauty and nature together!


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(*) “Faros de México. Los guías de altamar” (2015) Publicación de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) publication 

Press release by Experiencias Xcaret


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