What you need to know about Cinco de Mayo!

Who does not love to party? Cinco de mayo es an excellent excuse to have a Mexican fiesta. But why do we celebrate this holiday? Here are a few things you need to know about this holiday.   For many, it is a mystery why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more at the United States

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in true Mexican style!

There’s no party quite like a Mexican party which is why ‘Cinco de Mayo’ is one of our favorite holidays! It’s no secret that we love to party and let’s be honest, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday made to be celebrated under the sun. But how much do you actually know about this fun

6 things you need to know about Independence Day in Mexico.

Very much like the 4th of July in the USA, Independence Day in Mexico is a huge celebration and it’s a great way to really feel the culture and pride that the Mexican people have for their country. In honor of this grand celebration we bring you 6 facts that you really need to know