Top Lists ~ 5 travel apps to use during your vacation

You have arrived to your dream destination and it is time to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. We recommend the following apps to get the most out of your stay where you will be able to know the daily activities, the currency exchange of the day, how to communicate with the staff in their first language, document every single moment and much more. 


#1 SayHi

You do not know how to greet the staff in their first language? Do not worry, this app will help you translate more than 100 languages. It can save you from several situations.

Available for: AndroidiOS


#2 XE Currency

No more doing math in your head! This great app will help you calculate in an easy and fast way the currency exchange of the day and it will help you know how much you are spending when you buy souvenirs during your vacations.

Available for: Android, iOS


XE Currency_UnlimitedVacationClub


#3 Wolfram Sun Exposure

Do you like to take care of your skin while sunbathing? This app offers the most detailed information by providing the UV forecast and it will help you calculate how long you can spend in the sun, based on the time of the day according to your skin type, where you are at, and the strength of sun cream you are wearing. So,let’s enjoy the sun without worries!

Available for: IOS

Wolfram Sun Exposure_ UnlimitedVacationClub


#4 LiveTrekker

Do you want to document every adventure of your vacations? This app will help you create a digital journal by marking along a map the exact route you take. Also, you can add texts, audio, pictures and videos and make a multimedia creation of your great adventure.

Available: Android, IOS



#5 Unlimited Connectivity

This app is perfect to plan an unforgettable vacation at the resorts . It will help you with information of the resort such as of the daily activities, get personal by booking spa treatments, romantic dinners, contact staff members, stay social by updating your status on your accounts and much more.

Currently available at:

Secrets: Android, IOS

Dreams: Android, IOS



Make the most of your Unlimited Vacation Club getaway with the advantage of this great apps and have an unforgettable stay.

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