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Everyone loves to travel to exotic and new places like to Unlimited Vacation Club resorts, however, sometimes getting ready and travel to your destination might be long and tedious.



That is why, we present to you some tips and suggestions to make your travel experience easier, more enjoyable and without losing style.

Let’s start packing

The best way to begin is to visualize where you are going: the type of weather of the destination, what kind of activities you might do, and how many days your vacation will last, therefore you can pack the necessary clothing and items. Don’t forget to make a checklist, it is useful to assure yourself you aren’t forgetting anything plus packing will be more quickly and efficiently.


Do not over pack your suitcase!

We love to travel with our favorite clothes and show them off, but there is not enough time to wear them all. If you have a sense of what kind of weather it might be like, you can plan ahead your outfits and pack items that will allow you to create different combinations and still look trendy.

Have you heard of “roll technique for packing”? This way you can lay two or three pieces of clothing, one on top of the other and as you roll them up you will save space and prevent wrinkles.


In case you want to travel with some good shirts, decent trousers or a nice dress you can store them on this classic garmet bag which its design will be ideal for your travels; you can pack it inside your luggage or carry it on board.

Remember to put your toiletries in a secure kit. Check out these travel-size and customizable containers set by Bobbi Brown and keep your beauty regimen intact.


Lastly, do not worry if you think you aren’t packing enough clothes, all UVC resorts offer laundry service and not to mention you can always buy beautiful items at the store inside the hotel.

Dress up properly for the airport


Maybe your destination has a warm climate, nevertheless, at the airports and planes it can get chilly so we recommend to bring different layers. Remember to plan ahead your outfit: leave your thick jacket at home and go better for a nice vest or opt for a stylish cashmere travel wraps.

Wear comfortable bottoms avoiding sweatpants or track suits. You can dress up with nice jeans with flats, relaxed trousers with a blazer, a statement handbag and your sunglasses.

A good suggestion will be to leave the belt off, if your dress style allows it. In case you wear a belt, at the security check points you will be asked to remove it and it will take you longer to get through the metal detectors.


Create the ultimate carry-on bag.

Think about what you will need during your flight. First off, collect the important travel documents such as your passport, ID, cash and credit cards, booking information and keep them save in a document organizer. It is also important to bring hand sanitizer or wet wipes and your prescriptions in original packing. Another good idea is to pack an outfit and a few essential toiletries just as a precaution if your luggage gets lost, but let’s hope it will never be the case.

Technology is a most! Don’t forget your mobile device, your iPad or tablet, headphones, camera, and their chargers. Just in case you are traveling to a foreign country bring the electrical adapters.


Take pleasure of your time at the airplane

Relax during your flight with the cashmere travel set which will keep you warm and cozy plus you can choose the color you want. If you want to upgrade your sleeping, you must order FaceCradle Travel Pillow, which has 5 comfort modes; more than a regular neck pillow. A great way to sleep as long as you like.


Remember that you can take advantage of this time and catch up with your favorite book, magazine or travel apps on your tablet.

Enjoy your travel and have fun at your arrival destination!

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